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Use the services of hostatom to reinforce the security of your website with Imunify360. 

If you use our Share Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Reseller Hosting services, you will receive Imunify360 at no additional cost.
Imunify360 is a security platform designed to protect websites. In addition to antivirus software, Imunify360 also includes a firewall application and real-time virus scanner to prevent your website from being threatened by hackers.

Cyber Security 

With Threat Intelligence protection, If an attack is detected, the system will immediately take preventive action.

Protect Website from Malware

Real-time operation ensures that security updates are constantly being implemented. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about malware.

Attack Decrease

Imunify360 helps protect your website and enables your business to run smoothly, allowing you to forget about malware notifications or vulnerabilities altogether.

Support Team 24/7

The support team from hostatom, who monitor, check, and take care of you 24/7, ensures that you can be confident that your website is safe from attacks and malware.

Multi-Layer Protection on Linux Server


Multi-Layer Network Level Protection

For network protection at each layer, it is composed of Web Application Firewall, WebShield, and Network Firewall. Each layer functions to prevent web attacks using various methods through HTTP/HTTPS transmitted or received from CDN or Proxy, making it impossible for hackers to steal data and send malware to the website.

Advanced web application firewall helps in the operation of the server

When the ModSecurity Firewall of the web application works in conjunction with WAF, it causes Imunify360 to stop attacks, including the use of advanced Captcha and Splash Screen systems to stop dangerous operations and help real customers access your website.
imunify 360 firewall whitelist


imunify 360 captcha
With the components of WebShield, it helps manage and monitor CDN and Proxy traffic by identifying which IP addresses belong to hackers or legitimate users. If WebShield suspects or finds that the encountered IP address is on the grey-lists, it will display a CAPTCHA page to prevent dangerous IP addresses.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System 

imunify 360 ids animated
To provide comprehensive protection against attacks, whether they come from FTP, SSH, IMAP/SMTP, etc., Imunify360 has a Network Firewall with Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, as well as IP management, enabling protection both inside and outside the network.
With Imunify360’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) feature, which has a Deny policy, it will block all attacks, which has an impact on malicious actors who use various tools to carry out attacks.
The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) feature scans log files from various angles and bans IPs that are suspected to be dangerous, including incorrect logins and the use of vulnerabilities. Reports are available on the Imunify360 dashboard.

Preventing attacks: Do not give the opportunity for malware to exist on the network-level server

imunify 360 proactive defence
Layer 2 protection is about protecting application services on the server. Imunify360 detects and blocks the execution of dangerous programs. It checks PHP scripts and protects the server against threats that may occur. The system blocks all scripts or some scripts that are dangerous and stops them from running before they cause any damage to the server.

Protection system for files with FILE-SYSTEM during INPUT/OUTPUT operations 

During file input or output operations, Imunify360 has a last line of defense virus protection system called Imunify Antivirus to help prevent viruses.
imunify 360 malwarescanner

This protection includes:

imunify 360 time

Layer 2 protection is the protection of application services on the server. Imunify360 will detect and block the execution of dangerous programs.

imunify 360 redar
Imunify 360’s antivirus program will constantly scan backend files to keep the server free from viruses.
imunify 360 scan
If you want to scan for malware in files or folders, Imunify360 also has an On-Demand Antivirus system, which system administrators can use to run antivirus scans anytime.
imunify 360 wordpress
Imunify 360’s antivirus system can detect iframes or malicious content inserted into WordPress, and protect against them.

Increase Confidence with CLOUD & HERD ANTIVIRUS

imunify 360 firewall greylist

Easily Detect Threats and Control Operations

imunify 360 dashboard
Imunify360 combines WAF, IDS, IPS, Network Firewall, Proactive Defense, and File Antivirus to provide a high level of protection.
The control panel is easy to use and allows administrators to check the overall status of the server and manage security measures. Imunify360 also provides a customizable dashboard that displays all security activities and allows filtering and selection of events for investigation. In addition, administrators can check and manage Whitelists and Blacklists, set configurations, and select reports to review.

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