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Staff available 24x7.

Ready to give advice at all times

No. 999/9 The Offices at Central World , 29th Floor, Rama 1 10330

Data Center World Standard

Hostatom is confident that we are one of the leading web hosting providers in Thailand.We are committed to providing the highest value for our customers, so we chose a server in an area that can meet quality world standards, which we call the IDC (Internet Data Center).
Present web hosting hostatom still adds a located server for the world standard upgrade data center to Tier 3 and separates two buildings to do a disaster recovery site (DR site).

Data Center with Standard System.

Power System

A power generator with two sources and feeders that have equal power to support in case one of the feeders malfunctions or is damaged, the other can continue to operate in full capacity as a backup.

Cool System

The building’s cooling system is designed to support concurrent maintenance, with a minimum of N+1 equipment.

Fire Protection System

High sensitivity smoke detection system to provide early warning before a fire occurs.

Security System

Access to the Data Center service center is subject to identity verification and vehicle registration checks, as well as a search for suspicious objects. The facility is monitored by more than 100 closed-circuit cameras, covering every area and monitored by security personnel around the clock, 24 hours a day.

Carried Neutral

Central of connection from Internet service provider Domestic for all internet services get faster connection and bring the highest quality. It is also a central point for connecting to mobile networks.

Monitoring 24/7

We have Data Center staff who are responsible for maintaining various facilities, such as closed-circuit cameras, water systems, electrical systems, backup power systems, and fire protection systems, and providing 24/7 service.

Data Center World Standard

We have data centers in Europe, America, and Singapore.

Normally, the host provider will collect the data transfer cost because connections abroad are quite expensive, but choosing a data center location that is close to your customer countries will make your website connection faster.We recognize this importance and therefore provide special privileges for all customers to be able to choose the data center that is suitable for your business and customer group without additional service fees.

Technician support 24/7

We have experts who hold certifications from leading hardware and software organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco to provide consultation and support regarding your usage. Our support is available 24 hours a day, and we ensure that you will receive a quick response to any questions or concerns you may have. You can reach us at 0-2107-3466.