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No. 999/9 The Offices at Central World , 29th Floor, Rama 1 10330

Staff available 24x7.

Ready to give advice at all times


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Staff available 24x7.

Ready to give advice at all times

No. 999/9 The Offices at Central World , 29th Floor, Rama 1 10330

Create a website right now. starting at just 1,090 baht per year for hosting and a domain.
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Domain Registration

Through Control Panel, we provide you the freedom to handle everything independently. There is a system in place to avoid stealing.Domains are available for you 24 / 7 Domains registered with us are 100% yours. Read more

web hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting service on a high-performance server that is simple to use and supports a wide range of applications.We offer services with an automatic script installation system and a team of Network Engineers who specialize in Web Hosting. Read more

cloud server

Cloud Server

Cloud Server service for high-performance websites or applications. You can choose and install the operating system on your own for maximum stability. Read more

Why should you use our service?


We have always believed that Web Hosting is more than just selling customers disk space. However, it is a consultation, planning, caring, and assisting, as well as creating a smile. Allow each customer's project to succeed.


We are a publicly traded company that has been involved in the network since 2005. More than a decade of experience in this field has prepared us better than our competitors in the same market.


We have a skilled team of Network Engineers. As a guarantee, who has passed training and has world-class certificates from Cisco, Microsoft, and Redhat.


At the organizational level, we decide to exclusively utilize servers and network hardware of the highest caliber. It is not a requirement to employ desktop PC-class devices without failover or redundant systems.


Our system works in a data center connected to the backbone level network on the fastest uplink in the country.


We think our web hosting service is the best on the market. and the best service possible We dare to promise customer pleasure and to grant a complete refund without asking for an explanation within 30 days.

excellent service with customer satisfaction

We are happy to reimburse the entire sum. without having to provide a justification for the refund request.

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