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Privacy & Terms

Privacy & Terms

We have to collect the documents which provide your information when you use our services, whether directly or indirectly ways such as the information that you register via Hostatom Client Login, the information that you give us when you join the activities with Hostatom, Cookies,the experience that you use thru the www.hostatom.com or others ways :
  • Your Information such as name, last name, age, date of birth, Status, national ID and passport ID
  • Your address information such as address, company, phone number, Email or Line ID
  • Device or tool information such as IP address, MAC address or Cookie ID
  • Other information such as Website, Voice, picture, Video and any other information deemed to be personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act.

The purpose that why we have to ask for your information :

  • To create and manage user accounts.
  • To deliver goods or services.
  • To improve products, services or user experience.
  • For marketing and sales promotion.
  • For after-sales service.
  • To Suggest for Improvement in the Company.
  • To pay for goods or services.
  • To comply with the terms and conditions. (Terms and Conditions)
  • To comply with laws and regulations of government agencies.
  • To prevent or reduce the risk of fraud, cyber threats and other illegal activities.
We will keep all of your information to improve the website, online platform and other social media and every way that can make our customer feel satisfied.
If the purpose is changed, the Company will notify you for your consent and provide a record of the amendment as evidence.

Who can know your information?

We may disclose or share your personal information to third parties, under your consent, or in accordance with the regulations permitted by law, including:
  1. An employee of the Company authorized by the Company or an outsider who is a contract partner.
  2. A representative of the Company that has been officially authorized by the Company with documents issued in writing for the purpose of offering the Company’s products or services.
  3. A government agency or regulatory agency or any person whose information is required to be disclosed under laws, regulations or related to the Company or in accordance with its agreement with the government agency.


If you are a minor or has a legal capacity limitation, We may use or disclose your personal information by requiring your parents or guardians to give consent or to what is permitted by law. If we know that personal information has been collected from minors without the consent of parents or guardians, we will proceed to delete that information from our server.

The period that we will keep your personals information

We will retain your personal information at the time required during your time as a customer or as a relationship with us or during the time necessary to achieve the purposes associated with this Policy.
This may need to be preserved thereafter. If required by law, we will delete, destroy, or otherwise make your identifiable information available at the end of this period.

How to keep your information.

The Company will keep your information with your prior consent, except in cases where the law grants authority under the Personal Information Protection Act B.E. 2562, Section 24 or Section 26.
The Company will keep your information for 10 years from the date of termination.
The Company will keep your information only as necessary under its stated purpose.
If it is necessary for you to provide personal information to the company to comply with the law or contract or to enter into a contract with the company, the company will notify you first and notify you of the consequences if you do not consent to the information.
The Company shall not keep your personal information relating to race, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual behavior, criminal history, health, disability, labor union information, genetic information, biological information or any other information that affects you in the same way as announced by the Personal Information Protection Commission. Without your explicit consent, except in the case of the Personal Information Protection Act B.E. 2562, Section 26 of the Act.
Based on : พระราชบัญญัติคุ้มครองข้อมูลส่วนบุคคล พ.ศ. ๒๕๖๒

Privacy Policy of Other Site

This privacy policy is for offering products, services and use on our website for our customers only. If you visit other websites even through our website, personal information protection will be subject to the privacy policy of that website, which we have nothing to do with.


Cookies are a component of information that a website can send to your browser that may be stored on your system. To use some of our websites, you have to set your browser to accept cookies. You can set up a browser to notify you when you receive cookies, giving you an opportunity to decide whether to accept them or not to accept them.
These cookies are used during visits to our website and are used for several reasons, such as tracking items in your shopping cart timed out. Cookies are not associated with visitors’ personal information. This information is encrypted and stored in cookies during that session.
Cookies are deleted from the visitor’s computer when the visitor logs out or closes his browser. Some of our business partners (e.g service providers) use cookies on our website. We don’t have permission or control these cookies. This personal information statement only covers the use of cookies by our website and does not cover the use of cookies by any advertiser.
How to use Cookies?
We use cookies on websites to log in to the system and display information that is specifically relevant to you and to keep information about the use of general websites, for example.
  • To help you to login to website
  • Understand and record website usage information to create a good website experience for you.
  • Collecting anonymous information about website visits and activities, we use standard tools such as: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Twitter Conversion Pixel. Based on the website usage and activities you do on the website, we will create content and advertise it to meet the target audience.
What kind of cookies do we use?
  • Necessary Cookies The type of cookies required to run the website so that you can visit the website and use it normally. You cannot disable this type of cookie on our website system.
  • Analytical Cookies These cookies store your website usage information to help you measure and improve your website experience. If you do not agree to use them, We will not be able to measure and improve the website.
  • Advertising Cookies This type of cookie saves the user’s information to sell products that match their interests. If you don’t agree to use this type of cookie, we won’t be able to display ads that fit your needs.

The right of the owner of personal information

Your rights are the legal rights that you should know. You can apply for the rights under the laws and policies set forth or to be amended in the future, as well as the company’s regulations. If you are under 20 years of age or are restricted to legal activities, you can apply for the right by your parents. Ruling or having the authority to act as a representative of the following matters:
Access rights: You have the right to access your personal information under the Company’s jurisdiction and to request that the Company make copies of it to you, as well as to disclose how the Company acquired your personal information.
Right to Request Correction: You have the right to request correction of your personal information to be accurate, current, complete and free from misunderstanding.

Removal right: If you consent to the Company’s collection, use or disclosure of your personal information (whether by or after the date of enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Act), you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time during the period when your personal information is with the Company unless there is a legal limitation or agreement.It’s useful to you.
Withdrawal of your consent may affect your use of products or services, such as new privileges, promotions or offers, better products or services, or information that is beneficial to you. For your benefit, you should be careful before withdrawing your consent.

Transfer rights: You have the right to obtain your personal information if the company has made it available for automatic reading or use by a device. You can use or disclose personal information automatically and request that the company send or transfer it to another personal information controller when it can be done in an automated way. And the right to request personal information that the Company sends or transfers such personal information directly to other personal information controllers unless it is technically impossible.
The above personal information must have your consent to keep, use or disclose, or personal information that you need to collect, use or disclose in order for you to use the Company’s products or services at the request of the Company.Company’s services or other personal information as required by law enforcement.
Objection Rights: You have the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information at any time if the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information is made for the purposes required by the law of the Company or of any other person or corporation, beyond the scope of your reasonable expectation or to perform a mission for public interest.In light of your objection, the company will continue to collect and use it. Or disclose your personal information only if the company can demonstrate that legal reasons are more important than your basic rights, or whether it is for the confirmation of legal rights, compliance with the law or legal action.
In addition, you have the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information made for marketing purposes or for the purposes of scientific, historical or statistical studies.
Right to delete or destroy: You have the right to delete or destroy your personal information or make it unidentified if you believe that your personal information has been collected, used or disclosed in violation of applicable laws or that the Company has no need to preserve it in accordance with the purposes of this Policy or when you use it. You withdraw your consent or exercise of the right to object as stated above.
Right to suspend use of information: You have the right to temporarily suspend the use of personal information in case the company is under review, in case of a request for correction of your personal information or objection, or in any case where the company has no need to delete or destroy your personal information in accordance with relevant laws.
Complaint: You have the right to complain to the relevant legal authorities. If you believe that collecting, using or disclosing personal information in violation of or non-compliance with relevant laws, the use of your rights may be restricted under relevant laws, and there are cases where the Company may refuse or fail to comply with the application your above rights, for example, must comply with laws or court orders for public interest. If the Company refuses the above request, the Company will notify you of the reasons for the refusal.
You can apply for various rights through the following these ways:
The RightsChannels for Requesting RightsDuration of Operation
Right to Withdraw Consent7 day
Right of Access30 day
Right to Data Portability
Right to Object
Right to Erasure
Right to Restriction of Processing
Right to RectificationImmediately
You can send your request documents to the email address support@hostatom.com
We do not permit the use of hostatom services for any form of violation or unlawful activities.

Modifying a Privacy Policy

We may change this policy sometimes. You can find out the terms and conditions of this modified policy through our website.
This policy was last revised and became effective June 10, 2022.