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Work Insights

Understand how Google Workspace impacts your organization in real time. Surface insights on adoption, work patterns, and collaboration across different Google Workspace apps.

Speed up your Google Workspace rollout

Get product adoption insights for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides at the domain, team, group, organizational level.

See how your teams collaborate

Build relationships. Foster connections. Reduce silos. Analyze trends around file sharing, document co-editing, and meetings.

Track legacy product usage

Work Insights can help surface trends on usage of legacy applications, helping to understand how they are decreasing as the organization makes the transition to Google Workspace.

Build user trust

Work Insights only surfaces organizational data at aggregate views for teams of 10 people or more. Access is restricted to admins who can increase the aggregate view threshold to more than 10 people for their domain.

Share reports at the executive level

Just like super admins and delegate admins, executive members can be provisioned to view Work Insights reports, too. This helps them understand the overall status of their Google Workspace deployment on an ongoing basis.

View progress over time

Get one month of historical information when you enable Work Insights. Compare info dating back to the previous month.

Top questions about Work Insights

How do I access Work Insights?

Admins for Workspace Enterprise can access Work Insights at apps.google.com/workinsights.

Does Work Insights enable admins to monitor an individual’s activities?

No. Work Insights does not include the ability to drill down and see any individual’s activities. To protect the privacy of users, team reports and organizational insights are only available for teams of 10 people or more.

Is Work Insights the same thing as Admin Reports?

No, Work Insights surfaces aggregate organizational insights on product adoption, work patterns, and team-to-team collaboration.

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