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Store, access, and share files in one secure place.
Can store all types of files Access your files anywhere, anytime, from your desktop and mobile devices. Control how you share files as you want.

Use storage space as needed

Google Workspace gives you the storage you need depending on your plan (ranging from 30 GB to unlimited space) with centralized administration. Data loss prevention and Vualt (Vault) for Drive make it easy to manage users and share files according to your organization's data requirements.

It helps you figure out what's important before you start searching.

Drive uses Google AI to predict and show you important files in real time. Drive remembers the content your users have collaborated on and across different activities. By using features like Quick Access and ML (Machine Learning) search optimization to connect each user to files. that may need to be given importance

Organize team files in a shared space

Use a shared drive to store your team's work in a shared space that's safe and easy to manage. Any files added here will also belong to the team. Make sure everyone has the latest information at all times.

Reduce space on your computer By accessing files from the cloud

Drive File Stream lets you access files directly from your computer without compromising local space. Reduce the time you have to wait to sync files and free up time for your work.

Increase drive performance with 3rd party applications

With over 100 apps like DocuSign for electronic signatures, CloudLock for security, and LucidCharts for data visualization. to do various tasks directly from the drive

Work smoothly on your drive with familiar tools.

With plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Outlook, it's easy to work with Drive. You can use Drive to open over 40 file formats, including PDF and MPEG4. You can also work on Microsoft Word files directly from Drive.

Control how your files are shared

Keep your files private until you want to share them with others. Avoid having multiple versions of the same file and merging files together. It gives others permission to download, edit, comment on, or view files. You can also set an expiration date for shared files.

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Can I move files from my current file storage to the drive?

Yes, you can use Google Workspace's migration tools and services to move your organization's important data from your current file storage to Google Workspace.

How much storage space will I get on the drive?

Depending on your business, Google Workspace gives you flexible options to meet your storage needs. You can check which plan is right for your business on the Google Workspace plans and pricing page.

How is the paid version of Drive different from the free version?

In the paid version of Drive you get more storage space. More efficient support and shared drives for your team You can see other options. More information can be found on the plans and pricing page. Google Workspace plans and pricing.

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