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Shareable Online Calendar
Spend less time planning and more time doing with a shareable calendar that works across Google Workspace.

Your plans, at your fingertips

Google Calendar brings all of your calendars together in one place, so you can manage work, personal life, and everything in between.
Tackle your to-dos
Add a task
Add your task from right in Google Calendar, Gmail, or the Google Tasks app.
Set a due date
Pick the day or time you’ll want to complete the task by.
Check it off
Mark your tasks as complete to keep track of what you’ve accomplished.

Build quickly and easily

With Apps Script, business users can quickly create custom solutions to address the problems they experience every day—without relying on professional software development resources.
Teams and organizations can easily schedule meetings and book rooms.

Stay on top of your plans

When you get an email about an event, like a concert, flight, or reservation, Google Calendar automatically adds it to your schedule.

Simplify your day

RSVP options
Respond to meeting invitations with a location-specific RSVP.
Working location
Let your colleagues know where you’ll be working from.
Working hours
Set and share your daily working routine.
* This feature is available on Google Workspace Business and Enterprise plans.

Top questions about Google Calendar

Can I migrate and sync all my calendars?

Yes. Calendar migration options are available for many types of calendars, including both Microsoft® and IBM®.

Is the information I have on my Google Calendar safe?

To help you create and view your calendar entries, they’re stored in our world-class data centers. Your Google Account comes with built-in security designed to detect and block threats like spam, phishing and malware.

Does Google Calendar offer appointment scheduling?

Workspace subscribers get access to premium features including the ability to create an unlimited number of booking pages, collect payment through Stripe, verify booker emails, send email reminders, and check multiple calendar for availability.

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