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Frequently Asked Questions Before Purchase.

We have a 30-day full refund satisfaction guarantee, which is equivalent to a trial package. If you have already purchased the service and are not satisfied with the use, you can immediately notify our sales team for a refund. Previously, we had a trial package, but we encountered problems where many trial users took our service to spam emails, so it became necessary to stop this service format.
We accept payments through Bank transfer, ATM, credit card, Paypal and PromptPay, you can check the details of each channel via payment method details.
We have selected two global standard level 2 Internet Data Centers to serve customers in Thailand. The first one is the Thailand Communications Building in Bangrak, and the second one is Cyber World Tower in Ratchada. Both are central communication hubs with high-speed internet backbone connections in Thailand. You can inform us of your preference to set up your account in either data center.
If you already have a website and using services from other hosting providers, we do provide data transfer services to transfer your data to our services. After you open an account and start using our services, you can contact our customer service to request data transfer.
Both options are possible as Web Hosting service and Domain Registration service are separate services. However, it is more convenient for customers to renew in one place.

Web Hosting

Frequently asked questions about Web Hosting services.

Web Hosting is a storage space service that allows users to host their website, documents, images, and multimedia files on a server connected to the internet with high-speed connectivity and 24/7 online availability.

We recommend choosing based on your current usage, for example, if you currently use 1.5GB space, you should choose a package with 2GB disk space, but not necessary to buy more than you need. When the space in the package you purchased is getting close to full, you can upgrade the service. The average cost will be calculated based on the unused proportion of the time.

To create a website, you need three components. First, a Domain Name, which serves as the name or business label for your website. Second, a Web Hosting, which serves as the rented space for your business website. Lastly, the content of your website, which can be text, images, videos, multimedia files, and serves as the product in your virtual shop.
We offer free data transfer service from your old location. You can notify our staff at the time of purchase that you want to transfer your data.


Frequently asked questions about Reseller Hosting services.

Reseller Hosting is suitable for customers in the web design, web design studio, web developer or online agency business with a large number of clients using web hosting. This service allows you to provide all your clients with web hosting services through a single reseller account, eliminating the need to purchase web hosting separately for each individual account, giving each client the same experience as before.
With reseller hosting, you can create web hosting accounts for your customers to log in and use. Your customers will have access to a control panel to manage their own hosting account. In terms of security, each customer’s account will be separate, and one customer cannot access or see the websites of other customers. If there is a problem with one account, you can stop its operation without affecting other accounts.
Aside from the lower cost, the value is better because customers do not have to bear the responsibility of taking care of the server themselves. We believe that for business and website development and design, finding customers and completing each project is already difficult enough. We want to relieve you of the burden of taking care of the server and network infrastructure and make it our responsibility instead.
When you register with hostatom, the domain will be registered under your name, making you the 100% owner of the domain. You can verify this through whois.
There is a free data transfer service, with no additional charges.


Frequently asked questions about Domain.

A domain name is a substitute for the IP address, which is a string of 16 digits, making it difficult to remember. Therefore, domain names are used instead, often consisting of the name of an organization or website owner, such as hostatom.com for hostatom. When accessing the website, you need to go to www.hostatom.com.
The reason for registering a domain is to increase recognition for your website or service, as well as to establish credibility.
To register a domain name, the domain name must be composed of letters a-z, numbers 0-9, and hyphens (-). The name cannot start or end with hyphens, contain spaces or have any gaps, and must be at least 2 characters long.

If it’s .com, .net, or .org, no documentation is required for registration.
If it’s .co.th, .in.th, .or.th, or .ac.th, documents are required for registration as follows:
For .co.th, one of the following documents is used for registration:
– Company registration certificate (T.K.0401) or
– Co-mpany certification registration/Limited Partnership registration or
– Value-added Tax (VAT) registration (P.P.20) or
– Request for change of value-added tax data (P.P.09) or
– Business operating registration in Thailand

For .in.th
– For organizations, use the same documents as .co.th.
– For individuals, a national ID card, a driver’s license, or a passport may be used but the documents must be endorsed with a signature.

For .ac.th
– Use a certificate of educational institution registration or an organizational certificate.

For .or.th
– Use the founding documents of an organization, such as the establishment letter of an organization, establishment letter of an association, or establishment letter of a foundation.


Frequently asked questions about e-mail services.

Yes, all email data can be transferred regardless of the service provider being used, whether it’s with another provider or a free email service such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.
Supports usage on almost all devices in the market, including PC, Mac, tablet, mobile phone and all types of portable devices.
We provide customers with a virtual mail server service, allowing them to have their own mail server, anti-virus and anti-spam gateway, which they can configure to their own desired level of protection.
If email sending and receiving is not working, you can notify our staff to check and fix the issue. Our system records all email sending and receiving details, which can indicate the problem and where it originated, either on our end or the recipient’s end, making it easier for us to fix the problem.

The email hosting service of hostatom offers:

  1. use of a calendar, address book, task schedule and a customizable dashboard, allowing you and other users to manage appointments, contact lists, and work collaboratively.
  2. It has a data storage system and allows for collaboration on the cloud.
  3. The system also has a security feature, ensuring the safety of data and messages both on the device and network.
  4. It is compatible with various devices, including Symbian, iPhone, Android, and Window, with real-time functionality, enabling you to sync contacts, calendar, and tasks across computers and mobile devices of all systems.

Cloud VPS

Frequently asked questions about Cloud VPS services.

A Cloud Server is a virtual server created by connecting multiple servers to work together to process, distribute and store data for a highly reliable and secure system design. It prevents data loss and avoids system crashes. Resources such as CPU, RAM, and disk space can be increased or decreased at any time as needed.
Cloud servers are more cost-effective and trustworthy compared to traditional servers due to their distributed processing power, as multiple servers work together. Furthermore, cloud servers reduce the IT maintenance burden, reducing the need to continually upgrade hardware that is at risk of breaking down and becoming obsolete.
Cloud Server is similar to a single server machine that can have any operating system installed. Customers can utilize Cloud Server services for various applications just like a normal server, such as a Web Server, Database Server, Mail Server, Storage Server, Mobile Application Server, Game Server, business system management, and data processing.

Dedicated Server

Frequently asked questions about Dedicated Server services.

A Dedicated Server is a service where you rent a server machine, and the service provider will prepare the machine and install the operating system and software as required by the customer. Customers can use all the space in the hard disk that comes with the server and can utilize the CPU and RAM to their full potential. It offers high flexibility in managing resources and the customer can choose the operating system and hardware, as well as internal resources. Dedicated servers are typically used by websites that receive more than 30 million visits per day.

Dedicated Server can be used:

  1. Must used in high volumes
  2. Want to install a specific program or special program for hosting
  3. Want to be privacy and high data security
  4. Has high machine efficiency usage
No, youjust rent the dedicated server from us but we have the technician support service for increase the bandwidth and support service 24/7.
You can controlled the Dedicated Server all time, because we have KVM Over IP System to control the server up to the bios level as you were in the front of the server.
Yes, we do. We have the technical support 24 hours a day.


Frequently asked questions about SSL Certificated.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a technology for encrypting data to increase security in transmitting information over the internet. It was issued by a certifying body for electronic security, known as a Certificate Authority (CA).

The reason why SSL is needed because:

  1. To create security in sending and receiving data on the internet network because accessing the data must be encrypted first. Even if a hacker gets your data, they cannot read it because the data obtained will be in an unreadable form. Only the appropriate decryption key can be read and they must match each other.
  2. To protect important data of yours.
  3. To increase trust in your website.

SSL can used with all browser.

SSL cannot be upgraded but a new certificate can be purchased and installed on the server in the same manner as the old certificate.
  1. SSL – Domain Validation (DV) is a Certificate issued by a service provider is verified by checking the domain information on Whois and confirming domain ownership through email for Domain Validation (DV) Certificates. DV Certificates can be easily and quickly requested, taking approximately 5 minutes. The result displayed in a web browser will only show a green padlock icon.
  2. SSL – Organization Validation (OV) is a type of certificate issued by a service provider after verifying domain ownership through Whois and confirming the identity of the organization. In Thailand, this validation process includes checking with the Department of Business Development (DBD) Online, and the service provider may also make a phone call to the customer to confirm the purchase. The issuance time for an OV Certificate typically takes around 3-4 days, although it can be faster or slower depending on the verification process of each organization.
    In a web browser, the result will display a green padlock icon, and it will also show the name of the organization in the web browser’s address bar. This is done to increase trust in the organization, as it indicates that the certificate authority has verified the identity of the entity.
  3. SSL – Extended Validation (EV) is a type of certificate issued by a service provider after verifying domain ownership through Whois and confirming the identity of the organization. In Thailand, this validation process includes checking with the Department of Business Development (DBD) Online, and the service provider may also make a phone call to the customer to confirm the purchase. However, the verification process for this type of certificate is quite rigorous. If there are no issues found or any suspicious points arise during the verification, the certificate provider may request additional documents, which must be signed by a lawyer for certification. Examples of requested documents may include financial statements or other important documents. The issuance time for an EV Certificate typically takes around 7-15 days, although it can be faster or slower depending on the verification process of each organization.
    This type of SSL Certificate is considered to provide the highest level of security, and in web browsers, it displays a green address bar, covering the organization’s name in the browser’s address bar, along with a green padlock icon.
  4. SSL – WildCard SSL Certificate is a type of certificate that undergoes both Domain Validation (DV) and Organization Validation (OV). It provides security certification for the main domain (Base Domain) and covers the usage of multiple sub-domains within the server where the certificate is installed. For example, it would cover domains like *.yourdomain.com, www.yourdomain.com, mail.yourdomain.com, and so on. The issuance time for this certificate depends on whether it is DV or OV validation type.